Oldsom and other news.

I hate to focus solely on one artist, especially the same artist for two days running. So I’m not gonna mention that Joanna Newsom has just released a second song, ‘Good Intentions Paving Company’ here. Oops. Sorry. I like it. Joni Mitchell anyone? Think the album’s gonna be huge. I foresee swathes of hatred directed at Newsom from fans, such as me, who’ll say she’s selling out. It was bound to happen though.

Speaking of selling out, I’m now a Vice affiliate! I’m sorry, but also not. I’ve been assured that I’ll not be asked to asked to compromise my writing, and I’ll get invites to all those Skins-esque drug fuelled parties populated by under-age girls taking mephedrone. If it’s lame, I’m outie.

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