Oldsom and other news.

I hate to focus solely on one artist, especially the same artist for two days running. So I’m not gonna mention that Joanna Newsom has just released a second song, ‘Good Intentions Paving Company’ here. Oops. Sorry. I like it. Joni Mitchell anyone? Think the album’s gonna be huge. I foresee swathes of hatred directed at Newsom from fans, such as me, who’ll say she’s selling out. It was bound to happen though.

Speaking of selling out, I’m now a Vice affiliate! I’m sorry, but also not. I’ve been assured that I’ll not be asked to asked to compromise my writing, and I’ll get invites to all those Skins-esque drug fuelled parties populated by under-age girls taking mephedrone. If it’s lame, I’m outie.

Joanna Newsom cover art revealed.

Looky what we have here. The Newsom love is building to near frenzy. I must say, having heard what little there is, I’m getting very excited. I’m like a child in fact. Not least because thus far she’s done no wrong. You can stream track ’81’ from Have One On Me here (Top left). Having been raised on a lot of crazy folk, anyone else getting Pentangle vibes here? Must…hold…on. I’m gonna be off radar for March.

New Newsom?

Elfin goddess, cum sometime child neglecter, Joanna Newsom is being weird again. Following the announcement that she’s to tour Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and North America for the early part of this year, more oft odd clues are beginning to surface, such as the above doodle that appeared via the Drag City website.

While there was no official report confirming any new releases from Newsom this year, during an after-party in Tokyo she did let slip to fashion rag Vogue that a new album was indeed on the way. The duck can’t help but ponder whether this is not a free song to be released on the 23rd of February? Fingers crossed.

It’s not a free song, but only a whole album! Set for release February 23. Newsom’s Australian label Spunk confirmed this morning. I doth say, woop.