Joanna Newsom cover art revealed.

Looky what we have here. The Newsom love is building to near frenzy. I must say, having heard what little there is, I’m getting very excited. I’m like a child in fact. Not least because thus far she’s done no wrong. You can stream track ’81’ from Have One On Me here (Top left). Having been raised on a lot of crazy folk, anyone else getting Pentangle vibes here? Must…hold…on. I’m gonna be off radar for March.

Track of the Day: Moog Cookbook – Buddy Holly

Throughout my working day my ears are repeatedly bombarded with a selection of nondescript, tawdry toss bag music. Occasionally the powers that be will included something at least tolerable. Last night while I was wasting time for money, I heard the snippet of something I’d heard before. I edged my head toward the speaker to try and compute what I was hearing. After a short time I realised that it was the vocal line from REM’s ‘The One I Love’, pulled through a voice box. I first assumed that the band playing had ripped it off, and made their song around the REM tune. However, the more I listened, the more I realised that this was in fact a fully fledged cover. I had my manager run upstairs to tell me who it was so that I could scrutinize at another point. That’s when I discovered The Moog Cookbook. Pray silence please.